Berkeley-Stanford CE&M Workshop:

Defining a Research Agenda for AEC Process/Product Development in 2000 and Beyond

Workshop Participants

  1. Robert Aish,
  2. David Ashley,
  3. Richard Belle,
  4. George Benoit,
  5. Robert Brouwers,
  6. Ashland Brown,
  7. Tim Broyd,
  8. Martin Fischer,,
  9. Thomas Froese,,
  10. Eric Griffith,
  11. Arpad Horvath,
  12. Rob Howard,
  13. Greg Howell,,
  14. Raymond Issa,,
  15. Robert Johnson,,
  16. Lauri Koskela,
  17. John Kunz,
  18. John Kuprenas,
  19. John May,
  20. Priscilla Nelson,
  21. Bill O'Brien,,
  22. Clark Pace,
  23. Matthew Phair,
  24. Les Prudhomme,
  25. Nick Retherford,
  26. Jeff Russell,
  27. Vic Sanvido,
  28. Ben Schwegler,
  29. Sarah Slaughter, slaughte@MIT.EDU
  30. Lucio Soibelman,
  31. Paul Teicholz,
  32. Walid Thabet,
  33. Tony Thorpe,
  34. Iris Tommelein,,
  35. Dana Vanier,
  36. David Weiner,
  37. Avi Wiezel, (instead of Bill Badger,

Industry Panelists (as seated, from left to right)

  1. Bill Bianco, Kinetics
  2. Jeff Jelniker, Castle Group
  3. John Mickow, Flad
  4. Rick Kunath, Pankow Builders
  5. Greg Silling, Pacific Contracting
  6. Peter Kukielski, Compania Minera Actamina
  7. Darryl Goodson, Granite
  8. Melody Spradlin, Hathaway-Dinwiddie (sat in audience)

Workshop Notes

Click here to download the ZIPped file with workshop notes transcribed by Sheryl Staub, Research Assistant, CEM, Phone/Pager: 408-237-1389, Office Phone: 650-723-9340.

Participant Notes

Thomas Froese submitted the following group notes from the breakout groups he participated in:

Ray Issa and Dana Vanier submitted the following notes from the breakout group they participated in:

Avi Wiezel submitted the following notes from the breakout group he participated in:

George Benoit, Robert Aish, and David Weiner provided their

John Kunz and Ray Issa provided their breakout group's writeup:

Greg Howell and Lauri Koskela's PowerPoint slides and comments about:

Avi Wiezel collected the following thoughts to the question "What is the most important thing you learned from this workshop?"

Press Report

Engineering News Record (ENR)
Editorial Page 80
September 13, 1999

Looking Ahead

Last month, a small but influential group of engineering and management professors met with industry executives at Stanford University to discuss where and how construction research should progress in the next century. The meeting was funded by the National Science Foundation. While no earthshaking revelations emerged from the meeting, it became clear that construction research needs a greater sense of mission, focus and industry support. White papers identifying participants' visions of where the industry was headed can be found at: The group's primary conclusion is that the industry needs more research and development. That is self-evident. Groups like the Construction Industry Institute perform a valuable service by identifying industry best practices. But CII relies primarily on surveys. More forward-looking work that can create new approaches to getting the job done, such as the research done by the Lean Construction Institute, is needed.

Other industries rely heavily on academic research to help them move into the future. But in construction, the emphasis is on the here-and-now rather than the future. This unwillingness to look ahead may be one reason why many at the Stanford meeting complained about the lack of status of construction management professionals in the academic community. Over two dozen construction management teaching positions currently remain vacant at U.S. universities. Solving the problems of firms that are jammed up in the everyday pressure of getting projects done on time and on budget is important. But so is the effort to support research agencies such as NSF and academics that it supports. Unless this industry is willing to support R&D, it will end up on the bleeding edge, rather than the cutting edge.


This Berkeley-Stanford Construction Engineering and Management Workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners who are active in the architecture-engineering-construction (AEC) industry, advancing the theory of construction engineering and management and conducting research to support its development.

The architecture/engineering/construction (AEC) industry has been changing at an ever increasing pace, due to specialization, fragmentation, litigation, and globalization. These have led to the high complexity and uncertainity so characteristic of most projects being developed today. Despite the challenges ahead, opportunities abound thanks to a shift in thinking regarding the engineering and construction process (e.g., lean construction) combined with the availability of new information technologies, organizational and contractual restructuring, and means and methods. This shift makes it conceivable to achieve true integration among all AEC players so as to result in increased value delivered to owners.

The workshop will provide a forum for faculty and industry practitioners to discuss and coordinate construction research and understand the relationship between research and practice. In light of the changes taking place in the industry the following subjects will be discussed at the workshop:

An important objective of the workshop is to help identify a research agenda that will serve the National Science Foundation in its effort to guide the enineering research community involved in design and construction of capital facilties.

Workshop Organization

The workshop will be held from 26 to 28 August 1999 at Stanford University. The workshop web page, including the call for papers, the submitted papers (when available), and the workshop summary (when available), is located at which is this page in case you are looking at it on line.

The organization of this workshop is supported by Grant CMS-9908195 from the National Science Foundation. Our NSF contact is Ashland O. Brown.

The conference organizers are:

Iris D. Tommelein, Associate Professor
Constr. Engrg. and Mgmt. Program
Civil and Envir. Engineering Dept.
215-A McLaughlin Hall
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-1712
TEL: 510/643-8678
FAX: 510/643-8919

Martin A. Fischer, Assistant Professor
Constr. Engrg. and Mgmt. Program
Civil and Envir. Engineering Dept.
Terman Engineering Center, Rm. 293
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-4020
TEL: 650/725-4649
FAX: 650/725-6014

A request for submission of "whitepapers" or "position papers" has been issued electronically. Anyone is welcome to submit a paper, whether or not they were named on the electronic distribution list. If you have received our mailing, feel free to forward it to anyone interested. We have thus far broadcast the workshop announcement to the following mailing lists:

  1. ASCE' Construction Research Council at
  2. ASCE's TCCIT Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence Committee -> requested Walid Thabet ( to broadcast to ES&AI
  3. ASCE's TCCIT Database and Information Management Committee -> requested Francois Grobler ( to broadcast to DIM
  4. Co-operative Network of Building Researchers ->
  5. CIB W78 - IT in Construction" at -> requested Ziga Turk to broadcast to W78

If you would like to participate in the workshop, please submit a 3 to 4 page whitepaper. Your paper should summarize your vision of how design and construction will be done and managed in the future, discuss related research needs and give a short overview of your personal background, motivation, and work in the proposed research areas. Once we have received your whitepapers we will post them on this web site.

The timeline for the workshop is as follows:

Everybody who submitted a whitepaper will be able to vote (1 vote per whitepaper) to identify the best five papers. The workshop organizers together with the workshop steering committee (we have names but still need to confirm all can participate) will select workshop participants based on the outcome of the vote and the contribution of papers to the range of topics set forth for the workshop. Additional considerations for selection of participants are: representation of sectors (industry, government, and academia), ability to lead discussion sections, academic rank, and research experience.

Participants should plan to arrive at Stanford by the evening of Wednesday August 25 (we expect to have a social event that evening) and plan to leave on Saturday evening, August 28, or Sunday, August 29. Rooms have been reserved on campus for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

NSF is providing funding to cover approximately $1,000 per participant for travel and accommodation expenses. We expect to have about 30 participants though the number can be slighly larger if not all participants need full funding.

All preparatory whitepapers, summaries of the discussions, and the conclusions of the workshop will be posted on the web, hosted at a site at the University of California, Berkeley, so as to reach the widest audience possible.

Call for Papers

Potential authors are urged to consult and cite the current literature describing research and applications of construction engineering and management. However, their whitepapers should not be literature reviews but rather speculative and visionary statements setting forth the direction in which the author thinks our industry is moving and the implications this has on our community's research agenda.

Previous workshop reports (to be posted in electronic format below as soon as they are available) will provide historic insight into our community's directions for research. We do not wish to duplicate past efforts but instead look forward at exciting opportunities available to us today.

The reports shown below have been formatted using Adobe Acrobat so they are in ".pdf" format. Read them using Adobe Acrobat's Reader, which you can download for free by clicking on the icon:

Other interesting reading:

NSF Program Solicitations

The Program Solicitation NSF 99-149 for Exploratory Research on Scalable Enterprise Systems is on the NSF web page, accessible at: The deadline date for proposals is December 15, 1999.

Submitted Papers

You can view or download files one at a time. Because of problems downloading Word files off this web page, all files are now in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format so they are labeled with a PDF symbol sign. Higher up in this document is described how to download the Acrobat Reader for free if you don't already have it on your computer.

The results from the vote (1 vote was cast by one author of each paper) on favorite papers are posted at: The papers are arranged by quartiles and arranged alphabetically in each quartile.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to invite everybody who submitted a paper. We used the results from the votes in the following way:

  1. We invited one person from all the contributions that placed in the top 25%.
  2. From the contributions that ranked below we invited one person from as many U.S. construction programs and firms as possible to ensure the widest possible participation.

We are in the process of finalizing the list of invited participants and if you have not yet heard from us should hear from us soon.

We would like to thank all of you for your contributions to the workshop and hope that, even if we are unable to invite you, you will continue to contribute to the topic of the workshop. We will keep all authors informed of the outcomes and will acknowledge everybody's input in the workshop report and other publications.

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Papers Submitted Late

  1. PDF symbol "Corporate-University Partnerships?" by David B. Ashley, Dean, College of Engineering and The John C. Geupel Chair in Civil Engineering, The Ohio State University

  2. PDF symbol "Built to Last: A Construction Execution Plan to Meet Project Objectives for Expected Service Life" by Deanna Corbett, Ph.D., Resident Engineer, The Procter & Gamble Paper Products Co.

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Workshop Summary (will be posted when available)

| Prof. Iris D. Tommelein | Prof. Martin Fischer | NSF |

CE&M Research Workshop / IDT / 11 October 1999