Music by Francisco Canaro
Lyrics by Ivo Pelay
(feminized version sung by Tita Merellao)
Translation by Coby Lubliner

Se dice de mí,
Se dice de mí,
Se dice que soy fiera,
que camino a lo malevo,
que soy chueca y que me muevo
con un aire compadrón,
que parezco un dinosaurio,
mi nariz es puntiaguda,
la figura no me ayuda
y mi boca es un buzón.

Si charlo con Luis, con Pedro o con Juan,
hablando de mi los hombres están.
Critican si ya, la línea perdí,
se fijan si voy, si vengo o si fui.

Se dicen muchas cosas,
mas si el bulto no interesa,
porque pierden la cabeza
ocupándose de mi.

Yo se que muchos me desprecian compañía
y suspiran y se mueren cuando piensan en mi amor.
Y más de uno se derrite si suspiro
y se quedan si los miro resoplando como un Ford.

Si fea soy, pongámosle,
que de eso aun no me enteré,
en el amor, yo solo sé,
que a más de un gil, deje de a pie.

Podrán decir, podrán hablar,
y murmurar, y rebuznar,
mas la fealdad que dios me dio,
mucha mujer me la envidió
y no diran que me engrupí
porque modesta siempre fui.
Yo soy así

Y ocultan de mí,
ocultan que yo tengo,
unos ojos soñadores,
además otros primores
que producen sensación.
Si soy fiera sé que en cambio,
tengo un cutis de muñeca,
los que dicen que soy chueca,
no me han visto en camisón.
Los hombres de mí critican la voz,
el modo de andar, la pinta y la tos.


They say about me,
They say about me,
They say that I’m a scarecrow,
That I walk like some cheap dandy
And that though my legs are bandy
I move like a sleazy fox,
That I’m like a brontosaurus,
That my pointy nose is bigger,
That I’m not helped by my figure
And my mouth is like a box.

If I chat with Lou, with Pete or with John,
The others will talk about how I am
They analyze if my waistline is gone,
They watch if I come or stay there or scram.

They say a lot of things but
Most of them are pretty silly.
When they think of me then willy-
Nilly they all lose their head

I know that many who will scorn my company will
Sigh for me and shiver when they think my love is their reward.
And more than one melts when I sigh and when I just give
Him a look he’ll just be standing there and puffing like a Ford.

If I’m a sight, let’s say it’s so,
Though I’m not even sure of that,
But when it comes to love, I know,
That many a fool I have left flat.

Maybe they’ll talk, maybe they’ll say,
Maybe they’ll hiss, maybe they’ll bray
But many women wish they had
My ugly face, of which I’m glad.
And they won’t say that I am fooled
Because by modesty I’m ruled.
That’s how I am.

They don’t say of me,
They don’t say that I also
Have two eyes that are like dreaming,
Many other charms that seemingly
Cause many men to flip.
If I’m ugly, still I’m certain
That my skin’s as sweet as candy,
Those who say my legs are bandy
Haven’t seen me in a slip.
Men still criticize my voice when I talk,
My cough and my style, the way that I walk..

Translation © 2004 by Jacob Lubliner

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