Music by Roberto Fugazot
Lyrics by Alfredo Navarrine
Translation by Coby Lubliner

Viejo barrio de mi ensueño,
el de ranchitos iguales,
como a vos los vendavales
a mi me azotó el dolor.
Hoy te encuentro envejecido
pero siempre tan risueño...
Barrio lindo!... Y yo que soy?...
Treinta años y mirá,
mirá que viejo estoy!

Mi barrio reo,
mi viejo amor,
oye el gorjeo,
soy tu cantor.
Escucha el ruego
del ruiseñor,
que hoy que está ciego
canta mejor...
Busqué fortuna
y hallé un crisol:
plata de luna
y oro de sol...
Calor de nido
vengo a buscar,
estoy rendido
de tanto amar...

Barrio reo, campo abierto
de mis primeras andanzas,
en mi libro de esperanzas
sos la página mejor...
Fuiste cuna y serás tumba
de mis líricas tristezas...
Vos le diste a tu cantor
el alma de un zorzal
que se murió de amor...
My old barrio that I dream of,
Little houses all together,
As you’ve suffered stormy weather
So great pain has lashed at me.
Now I find you getting older
But as always full of laughter...
Barrio!... But what do I see?...
I’m thirty now and look,
How old I’ve come to be!

My lowdown barrio,
To you I’m true.
You hear that warble,
I sing of you.
And listen to the
Nightingale’s trill,
Now that he’s blind he
Sings better still...
I looked for fortune
And found this one:
Silver of moonlight,
Gold of the sun...
I’m looking for the
Warmth of a nest,
I’m tired of loving,
I need some rest...

Lowdown barrio, you’re the playground
Where I had my first adventures.
In my book of hopeful ventures
You’re the page I like the best...
Once the cradle, you will be the grave
Of my sad, romantic verses...
Yes, your singer you have blessed
With the soul of a thrush
Who died, by love distressed...

Translation © 2004 by Jacob Lubliner

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