Music by Edgardo Donato
Lyrics by Carlos César Lenzi
Translation by Coby Lubliner

Corrientes, 3-4-8, segundo piso ascensor.
No hay porteros, ni vecinos,
adentro, cocktail y amor...
Pisito que puso Maple,
piano, estera y velador;
un telefón que contesta,
una fonola que llora
viejos tangos de mi flor,
y un gato de porcelana
pa’ que no maúlle al amor.

Y todo a media luz,
que es un brujo el amor,...
a media luz los besos,
a media luz los dos...
Y todo a media luz,
crepúsculo interior,
que suave terciopelo
la media luz de amor.

Juncal 12-24. Telefoneá sin temor;
de tarde, té con masitas,
de noche, tango y amor;
los domingos, té danzante,
los lunes, desolación.
Hay de todo en la casita:
almohadones y divanes
como en botica... ¡cocó!
Alfombras que no hacen ruido
y mesa puesta al amor.
At three-four-eight Corrientes, the second story above,
There’s no doorman and no neighbors,
Inside are cocktails and love...
A studio set up by Maple,
Piano, nightstand and a rug;
A telephone that will answer,
And a Victrola that’s playing
Tangos I’m reminded of,
And a cat that’s made of china
So it won’t meow at love.

And half-light all around,
As love its magic does,...
At half-light all our kisses,
At half-light both of us...
And half-light all around,
Like twilight from above,
For it’s as soft as velvet,
The half-light of our love.

Just call Juncal one-two-two-four; nothing to be afraid of.
Five o’clock tea and some pastries,
Evenings there’s tango and love;
There’s a tea dance every Sunday,
Mondays, loneliness is rough.
There’s ev’rything in our love nest:
Cushions and couches and pillows;
Nothing there’s a shortage of!
Carpets that don’t even rustle
And a table set for love.

Translation © 2004 by Jacob Lubliner

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