Music and Lyrics by José Alfredo Jiménez
Translation by Coby Lubliner

Porque soy como soy con razón me desprecias,
porque vivo entre gente que dices que no es de tu altura.
No me dejas cantar en tu reja como otros te cantan,
ni me dejas gritar que te quiero con honda ternura.

Porque soy como soy se me va tu cariño;
porque no hice dinero en el mundo me están derrotando.
Yo no tengo derecho de nada por ser vagabundo,
pero sé que en el fondo de tu alma me estás adorando.

Yo no puedo pensar que tu amor se me acabe.
Ni el dinero ni nada ni nadie podrá separarnos.
Hay recuerdos que nunca se borran, y así son los nuestros;
pa’ poder olvidar tantas cosas tendrían que matarnos.

Si de veras te vas, me lo dices de frente.
Si me piensas mandar una carta, mejor ni la escribas.
Este adiós, corazón, te lo exijo mirando tu cara,
y si ya no hay amor en tus ojos me voy de tu vida.


Since I am who I am, you’ve got reason to scorn me.
Since I live among people you don’t think are up to your station,
You don’t let me sing you serenades like you let all the others,
And you don’t let me shout that I love you with deep adoration.

Since I am who I am, your affection is fading.
Since I never have made any money, they have it in for me.
I’m a vagabond, and I know well that I have rights to nothing.
But I know that deep down in your heart, dear, you still do adore me.

I can’t possibly think that your love for me’s ending.
Neither money nor anyone nor anything can divide us.
There are memories that never vanish, and that is how ours are,
And to make us forget them they’d first have to kill what’s inside us.

If you really are leaving then tell me directly.
If you’re thinking of writing a letter, don’t bother to send it.
I demand that we say our good-byes while I’m looking straight at you;
If your eyes show no love, I’ll stay out of your life till it’s ended.

Translation © 2004 by Jacob Lubliner

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