Music and lyrics by Simón Díaz
Translation by Coby Lubliner

Cuando el amor llega assí de esta manera
uno no se da ni cuenta,
el carutal reverdece y guamachito florece
y la soga se revienta.
Caballo le dan sabana porque está viejo y cansao,
pero no se dan de cuenta que un corazón amarrao
cuando le sueltan las riendas es caballo desbocao.
Y si una potra alazana caballo viejo se encuentra,
el pecho se le desgrana y no le hace caso a falseta
no le obedece al freno ni lo paran falsas riendas.

Cuando el amor llega así de esta manera
uno no tiene la culpa:
quererse no tiene horario ni fecha en el calendario
cuando las ganas se juntan.
Caballo le dan sabana y tiene el tiempo contao
y se va por la mañana con su pasito apurao
a verse con su potranca que lo tiene embarbascao.
El potro da tiempo al tiempo porque le sobra la edad;
caballo viejo no puede perder la flor que le dan,
porque después de esta vida no hay otra oportunidad.

Whenever love comes along all of a sudden,
One might as well have been napping.
The fruit orchard is greening, the flowering bush is preening,
And the rope can be heard snapping.
A horse is put out to pasture because he’s old and he’s tired,
But people don’t know what happens with a heart that’s been wired;
When given free rein, he runs off like a bullet that’s been fired.
And if the old horse should run across a fine sorrel mare,
His chest flares up and he rears as if the checkrein weren’t there,
The reins and the bit won’t stop him, he runs as free as the air.

Whenever loves comes along all of a sudden,
One might as well blame the weather.
To loving there is no season, it follows no rhyme or reason
When two desires come together.
A horse is put out to pasture and knows his time’s running out,
And off he goes in the morning and starts to canter about
Until he meets with that filly that he cannot live without.
A colt, he can take his time for he still has many years;
An old horse must take the gift he’s given before the end nears,
Because when this life is over the last chance disappears.

Translation © 2018 by Jacob Lubliner

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