ELMT13.C  - - Linear Viscoelasticity Example

    The elmt[01-50].f files in  the user directory  allow one to create user elements that will be added to FEAP's element library.  To set up a user element one needs to edit the file elmt13.f (for example) to include the code one wishes to have executed when the user element is specified in the input file.  The interface can be programed in FORTRAN or it can be programed in C.  In the example that follows a C interface is utilzed to program a Q4 displacement element with a linear viscoelastic material model.   Due to the differences in array storage methods (row major for C and column major for FORTRAN) one needs to be extra careful in interfacing C routines with FEAP's FORTRAN routines.

    The main steps in creating a user element whether in C or Fortran are

Source files: Dowloading versions

  • elmt13.c  Main element routine
  • inpt13.c   Material properties input routine
  • stif13.c  Main stiffness loop routine
  • kine13.c  Kinematic quantities routine
  • modl13.c  Stress and tangent routine
  • stcn13.c  Stress projection routine
  • fortiow.f  Fortran cover routine for output to main output file



    Source files: Annotated versions

  • elmt13.c
  • inpt13.c
  • stif13.c
  • kine13.c
  • modl13.c
  • stcn13.c
  • fortiow.f