The Finite Element Method, 6th Edition


O.C. Zienkiewicz and R.L. Taylor

The Finite Element Method, 6th ed., Vols. 1, 2 and 3, by O.C. Zienkiewicz and R.L. Taylor was published in 2005 by Elsevier, Oxford, UK, ( Volume 1 presents a comprehensive coverage for linear problems with examples taken from general second order differential equations (e.g., those for heat transfer analysis) and problems in linear solid and fluid mechanics. Topics in mesh generation, adaptivity, error analysis, mesh free methods are also introduced and discussed. Volume 2 presents coverage for problems in solid mechanics. Applications for inelastic materials, plates, large deformation are covered in this volume. Finally, Volume 3 is devoted to problems in fluid dynamics.

A companion program, FEAPpv, is available to support developments in Volumes 1 and 2. The source program, written in Fortran, may be down loaded from a separate web page. (feappv page). This program is compatible for compilation in UNIX or LINUX and Windows PC environments.

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