Senior Capstone Design Course

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Course Objective: To design a water or wastewater treatment facility familiarizing students with the design process and its different phases.


Slawomir Hermanowicz, 629 Davis Hall, e-mail: hermanowicz@ce.berkeley.edu

Requirements: Class attendance and participation in a team work leading to a 20% design of a wastewater treatment plant. Each team will make two oral presentations and submit three written reports coinciding with three stages of the design process. No final exam.


No required text.

Recommended text: Reynolds, T.D., "Unit Operations and Processes in Environmental Engineering", Brooks/Cole Engineering Division, 2nd Edition
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Reference Sources

Several reference readings will be placed on reserve in the Engineering library:

  • Wastewater Engineering: Treatment, Disposal and Reuse, Metcalf and Eddy, 4th. Ed., McGraw Hill UCB Engi TD645 .W293 2003A general reference text with a discussion of both basic principles and engineering applications.
  • Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants. Water Environment Federation Manual of Practice No. 8, ASCE Manual and Report of Engineering Practice No. 76. Volumes 1 and 2., 1998 TD746 .D47 1998An exhaustive DESIGN reference. Assumes a lot of prior knowledge and understanding of basic principles.
  • Wastewater treatment plants : planning design and operation. / Qasim, Syed R. New York: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1985. Engin TD746.Q37 1999 Good introductory reference with emphasis on design.

    GRADING: The following elements will be considered in grading:

     For each oral presentation two grades will be assigned: a team grade and an individual grade for each presenter. The final grade for oral presentations will be the arithmetic average of the team and individual grades. An overall grade will be assigned for the written reports. After each of the three stages of the course, team members will be asked to assess individual contributions of every team member and the individual grades will be adjusted based on the team report grade and individual contributions.

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    Week                                 Activity


    1                     Course introduction and organization; Role of consulting engineer; Request for Proposals (RFP)

    2                     Proposal due. Predesign: alternatives evaluation, process considerations, project management

    3                     Process analysis, design and operational parameters

    4                       Plant hydraulics,

    5                     Economics,  plan layout site constraints,  progress check

    6                     Regulations. Presentation and interview process, Q&A

    7                     Predesign wrap-up.  Engineering ethics

    8                       Predesign presentation. Predesign report due. Process selection

    9                     Final design, review of selected process, discussion of final report format, PI&D

    11                   Detailed system design, plant hydraulics, pump selection

    10                      SPRING BREAK

    12                     PI&D(review),  control descriptions, design drawings, facilities and equipment selection, progress check

    13                   O&M, constructability

    14                    Specifications,  final design cost estimates, progress check

    15                   Questions and Answers, presentation preparation

    16                     Presentations of final design - final report due

    17                     Project wrap-up, presentation on complete full-scale project