Good Will

A musical comedy in three acts by
Coby Lubliner


Joe Harrington, American reporter
(Voice of) Dick Bright, his boss
Andrew Kutompa, hotel manager
Prince Hal Youngblood, American jazz musician
Mustafa, hotel porter
Sir Stanley Keponwa, Chief of the Bambuto
David Keponwa, his brother
Pumbe, Bambuto elder
Gonte, Bambuto elder
Kamemba, Bambuto elder
Chief's servant
Lady Lydia Kemponwa, Chief's wife
Lily, their daughter
Benjamin, the Robertsons' butler
Lady Robertson (Elsie Taylor)
Sir Donald Robertson, her husband, Her Majesty's High Commissioner of Moanga
Pickenham, his secretary-in-chief
Roger Jalemwa, son of the Bakunwe chief and Lily's fiancé

Servants, party guests, drummers, musicians

Place: the capital of Moanga, in Africa
Time: late 1950s

Copyright 1982 by Jacob Lubliner